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Vision Ventilation is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of natural ventilation systems.

By harnessing the wind we are able to bring a fresh outdoor feeling to the interior environment creating the perfect conditions for health and productivity. From a simple louvre or damper, standard passive ventilator to bespoke architectural designs we provide the next generation of ventilation technologies, saving energy and creating a natural environment with air quality and natural light in perfect balance.
Whether it’s a school, academy or public building we provide ‘in house’ solutions to your requirements to suit budget, architectural design and ventilation performance.
In general natural ventilation or passive extract systems fall into four categories; within each of these we engineer each project to achieve performance and aesthetics to meet the client’s needs.

Louvres, Dampers
and Acoustic

Vision Ventilation Louvres and Dampers

Schools and
Public Buildings
Vision Ventilation commercial

Passive Ventilation
and Natural
Day Lighting

Vision Ventilation  Passive Naturall


Vision Ventilation architectural

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